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Snowhawk Alyandra

Quick RL arts/digital arts for L$

So I misjudged when my first payday is. Oops. This means I have tier and then some due asap.

To try and make up for this, as I just moved and don't have an active bank account to put cash in, I'm doing sketch+shaded ACEO sized cards for L$1000 (roughly $4.34, including the transaction fee). This is about half price of what is normally charged.

... Unfortunately, my example ACEO for this type has apparently been buried in my boxes of art crap, and I can't find the scan/photo of it. :| In fact, I've been very bad about updating my personal gallery, apparently.

Basically, you will get a cleaned up sketch with shading (as smooth as the texture on my cards will allow). For an extra L$500, I will ink the sketch and shade it, like the second example.

Due to the size of the cards, I may not be able to fit your full character on there. I will show you a preview sketch before I finish it. Once it's done, I'll put the card in a protective sleeve and mail it to you. If you want, I will also send you a copy/mod version in-world.

I am also doing "flat" colored, digital sketches. Normally, these would be about L$2400, but since I'm doing this special for L$, they'll be L$1500. Again, you'll also get a copy in world. The size of these is 500x500px for online posting, and you will get a printable one that is 1500x1500.

And, assuming Photoshop continues to cooperate with me, I can -also- do little pixel icons (like the G1 Pony icon I'm using) for L$650. How this would show up as a texture in world, I'm not sure, I can always test it and show you a screenshot. It doesn't have to be a pony, but whatever I can get into 100x100. :3

Feel free to look through that gallery, even though it's not as current as my FurAffinity gallery.

Disclaimers, Notes, and Such:
-I'm not very good at drawing people, I'm still working on it.

-Equines are a strong point, but I have not tried the newer (G3-4) styles. If you ask for the G4 style, you may get as close as I can get. >_> I don't typically imitate styles.

-All refs and discussions of deatils must be conducted over email. I do have the mobile SL app for my phone, but all I can really do on it is chat, check my L$ balance, and pay people. This is just incase the internet is once again stupid where will be and decides to crap out.

-Because I am assuming I will be working off my phone. I ask that you send as few reference pictures as possible. I can do digital art with no internet, I will just have to find a working wi-fi signal to send it to you. (And I am not above driving around and hunting so I can steal it for a few minutes. :p )

-Payment is required before I start. If, for some reason, I cannot work on your commission, I will refund you promptly. Nothing I take in will be spent until I have the commission finished and approved. If I cannot have it done within 5 days (barring my computer blowing up or some serious injury to myself), I will refund you.

-Don't pay until I have confirmed your commission.

-If you commission me this weekend, mailing will wait until next week. I will let you know when it is sent. Postage to the US, Canada, and the UK is included, but for any other country, I may have to ask for a little extra, depending on your location.

-I have stuff for sale in world if you like instant gratification. The Sanctity sim is my "home," and the location of my main store is in the northwest corner. Shapes, halters for various equine avatars, some art, and I just added a couple collars. You can also find most of this in my Marketplace. (No art in the marketplace, only in world.)

-If you can't afford a commission, and just want to donate a minimum of L$15, you can have a free item from my store. Larger donations will get more items. Drop a notecard in the store mail box with your name, the transaction history, and what item(s) you want. I'll try to accommodate what I can. :)

Thank you~
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