catnapkitty (catnapkitty) wrote in secondlife_furs,

Wish to put together an 'intro to furrys' kit - what to put in, and any distributable avatars avail?

I just got land next to an infohub and newbie hangout in Isabel (The Shelter).

I'm slowly building up some newbie resources to put up there. One thing I'd like to put down, as someone who spends about half or more of my time as a furry, is an into to furries kit for newbies. LL's seems bent on pushing human-centric on everyone these days, so I'd like to have something prominent to offer up a different angle.

Thinking of handing out a notecard that gives a short 'safe' intro (none of the sex angles, more PG focused on the fun of going fur), some landmarks to furry places (and there I'd include a few mature/adult LMs for a broad spectrum), some good groups to join, links to SL furry websites like here, and slarf, and anything else recommended...

And round it out by including a freebie avatar, or if there is no avatar that's re-distributable, LMs to where some free avatars are found.
- with a final LM to a mall or two for when people are ready to move into buying things.

So that said, any suggestions on what I should say in that card? And anyone know where I can get a redistributable avatar. I make a few random things in SL, but nothing on the order of a furry in complexity. :)

I know there are some in the library, but are there any resident made =Legitimate= redistributables, especially ones that come with info/LMs to the designer's shop. By legit I mean, ones I can go get from their actual creator, and therefore know they are legal, and then redistribute.

(and if there's no such thing, any LMs to free avatars that I just tell people to go to, is a good backup option that I'll put in the note even if I also find a redistributable.)
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